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                      Next Coming up for the New Year!!!!

                                       PILATES/Floor Barre WORKSHOP !!

                                           Saturday 23th  March 2019

                                             From 4p.m until 5 .30 p.m




Theme:  Pilates mixed with floor barre exercices

Price:     25 euros

This workshop is for all levels!

So if you want to discover pilates, you're welcome!

We gonna workout the innerthighs with the turnout (opening the thighs) , abs, back, glutes, arms in each exercice.
We will end it with a relax time ;)


IMPORTANT: The places are very limited to 8 people (the room is small) !!
So please RESERVE your spot really Quickly!
It stays just a few places!


Registration under :


or with tel: 0151 127 649 76

facebook page: pilates let's go  berlin

 instagram : pilatesletsgoberlin

Hope to see you there!
cheers :)





 Regular Classes in WEDDING!


Every Thursday

5.30-6.30 p.m

(From the 16. August 2018)


Barfussstrasse 1  Berlin Wedding

Ubahn: Rehberge


   It's for all levels so don't hesitate to come and try!:)







Monday 7.30-8.30p.m

Tuesday 10.15-11.15 a.m

Wednesday 6.00 -7.00p.m and 7.30-8.30 p.m




Address: Heilpraxis Lecorguillé -Wildt

                    Kulmer Strasse 18

                     107 83 BERLIN 

                    Ubahn Station: Yorckstrasse


Tel: 0151 127 649 76

Mail for registration: pilatesletsgoberlin@gmail.om